Oregon Viola Society is back online!


Hello Oregon violists (you are receiving this posting if you identify with or support violists in the gorgeous state of Oregon):  We are a fee-free volunteer interest group, and our interest is in the VIOLA.   Our website is www.oregonviola.org, and our public FaceBook page is called the Oregon Viola Society.  Join us!  We are a free organization.

We are back online!  We lost the password to post into our Oregon Viola Society webpage and did our postings on FB, but lost a few souls who do not do FB.  So here we are:  Let us take a moment to reiterate our accomplishments this year:

  1. We have successfully incorporated as a 501(c) nonprofit organization;
  2. We have expanded our board of directors to include Al Faruolo, the violin/bow maker in Vancouver who studied with Karen Tuttle at Peabody and long ago played in the Oregon Ballet Theatre and Portland Opera, and Stephen Price, formerly with the Oregon Symphony.  Ovation Arts consultant, Michael Shaw has given excellent guidance with regard to the ins and outs of OVS filings, registrations, bylaw and incorporation papers etc. at the state and federal level.
  3. At our recent board meeting, we came up with a number of ideas that we wish to implement in the next year (September through end of 2017), specifically:
    1. Viola Showcase to showcase instruments and local instrument makers, that might also include performances by soloists, duos, trios, a viola orchestra.  Vendors would pay a table fee to participate, with a small entrance fee.
    2. Adjudicated event for local viola students to receive student scholarships
    3. A “Speed Teaching” event, a mashup of “speed dating” and “master class”, Eight to ten teachers, participants spend 10 minutes with each teacher for instant feedback to each participant from a lot of different well-known viola teachers in the area.  The event might even close with all students performing in a group viola ensemble piece.
    4. Viola Boot Camp, much like the the recent Violin Boot Camp
    5. Viola Music Camp, a two-week camp that would include group etudes, a viola orchestra, private lessons, small ensembles, practice time, workshops…
    6. New Music, an OVS-commissioned new work for a viola orchestra of at least five parts.  Names of local composers suggested were many, including John Newton, Linda Woody, Kenji Bunch, Tim Jensen…

So there you have it–some fun ideas that we ask for your comments, advice, support, and interest.  What might you be interested in taking place right away?  Any volunteers for any of these offerings?  Don’t worry, we’ll call you, if you don’t call us!

Warmest regards, Oregon Viola Society Board:  Dr. Sharon Eng, President; Dorianne Reinheardt Paul, Secretary; Shelley Mathewson, Treasurer; Al Farulo and Steve Price, Members at Large; Mike Shaw, OVS consultant



Introducing Oregon Viola Society’s New Leadership

Welcome to the Oregon Viola Society (OVS) website!  We’d like to introduce OVS’ new leadership team: Co-Chairs Dr. Sharon Eng and Dorianne Reinhardt Paul, and Shelley Mathewson, Secretary-Treasurer. We also take this opportunity to thank past President, Dr. Miriam English Ward and Secretary-Treasurer, Shauna Keyes for their many years of selfless volunteer service to OVS.

Sharon Eng is a Portland native, alumnus of Portland Youth Philharmonic, PSU and Juilliard (BMus, MMus). She earned a Ph.D in Business and Management focusing in nonprofit organizations from the University of South Australia, led the strings program at the Jakarta (Indonesia) International School, and has an active teaching studio and solo career.

Dorianne Reinhardt Paul works in the field of energy efficiency evaluation. She studied at the Universität Salzburg, Austria, where she attended as many concerts as she possibly could. Originally from the New York City area, she has been a Portlander for over 30 years, and has been an impassioned violist since she picked up the instrument at the age of nine. She currently plays in two local community orchestras – the North Oregon Coast Symphony and the Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra, where she also serves as Music Librarian. She enjoys playing chamber music whenever possible.

Shelley Mathewson is an active freelance musician. She plays in the Portland Opera and Oregon Ballet Theatre Orchestras, the Portland Chamber Orchestra, and founded the Delphinium String Quartet.  Native to California, she moved to Portland in the mid-1980s having served as principal violist of the Omaha Symphony. She is an alumnus of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (BMus, MMus).

We are excited to be leading OVS and look forward to organizing viola play-ins, sponsoring master classes, keeping the viola community informed of upcoming events, and eventually sponsoring an annual OVS Viola Scholarship competition. Feel free to email us at 1seunltd@gmail.com, dorianne.reinhardtpaul@hotmail.com, or shellvla@comcast.net, or leave us a note on the OVS Facebook page. We welcome your suggestions and involvement, and look forward to leading the organization onward!

Marylhurst Orchestra Concert, Loss.

From Dorianne Reinhardt-Paul:

I’m sad to report that on Thursday, Oregon violists lost another wonderful member of our community. Anna Rapp – violist, teacher, former principal violist and my former stand partner at Maryhurst – lost her battle with cancer on Thursday morning and passed away quietly in her sleep. She was 72, as I discovered much to my shock last year – you wouldn’t have known it from looking at her or talking to her, she was so full of life and energy. Anna just exuded joy. She was one of the most positive, glass-half-full people I have ever met. I don’t think I ever saw her have a bad day. She absolutely LOVED the viola, loved playing the viola, and was so happy for every opportunity she got to play. She was a real inspiration to me – every time I think of her, I am challenged to grab hold of my life and live it to the fullest. She will be deeply missed, and will be yet another person I think of each time I open my viola case.

The Marylhurst Orchestra has a concert tomorrow.


Oh, you guys!

We have a really great thing coming up on Friday, October 17th at Lewis & Clark College.

We had planned on having the Unbande present a concert for us, but that has been put on hold. You can still check them out on CD Baby, though! Especially recommended is their sweet version of Brandenburg 6.

But we got something really great to take their place: PORTLAND CELLO PROJECT!

These guys have agreed to come play for us, and to give a workshop/demo on various cross-genre topics. They’ll bring some electronic gadgets and are down with a demo-heavy Q&A session. If you’ve ever had an interest in arranging works for your instrument, in playing pop, rock or jazz, in getting a group of your-favorite-instrument together to do something artistically worthwhile, in becoming the number one seller on Amazon classical… well, that last one they may not be able to pass along but we can all congratulate them anyway.

So, as always, bring your viola and your violist friends. In fact this time around, all instruments are welcome!

Check out PCP online and come back here for updates soon.

Portland Cello Project Myspace Page

Portland Cello Project Website

Sweet Music Deal

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you all know we have a composer in our midst. Peggy Swafford, longtime contributor to the Viola Society and to Oregon’s music scene in general, has hooked us up with a means of purchasing her works. If you were at our first play-in this year in Portland, you’ll remember these fun, diverse pieces.

Check our classifieds (the link is over there —> in the right side column) for more info.
Thanks to most excellent Peggy and just a reminder that you can post info to our classifieds for free by simply emailing Miriam.

New event announcements are coming soon!