Oregon Viola Society is back online!


Hello Oregon violists (you are receiving this posting if you identify with or support violists in the gorgeous state of Oregon):  We are a fee-free volunteer interest group, and our interest is in the VIOLA.   Our website is www.oregonviola.org, and our public FaceBook page is called the Oregon Viola Society.  Join us!  We are a free organization.

We are back online!  We lost the password to post into our Oregon Viola Society webpage and did our postings on FB, but lost a few souls who do not do FB.  So here we are:  Let us take a moment to reiterate our accomplishments this year:

  1. We have successfully incorporated as a 501(c) nonprofit organization;
  2. We have expanded our board of directors to include Al Faruolo, the violin/bow maker in Vancouver who studied with Karen Tuttle at Peabody and long ago played in the Oregon Ballet Theatre and Portland Opera, and Stephen Price, formerly with the Oregon Symphony.  Ovation Arts consultant, Michael Shaw has given excellent guidance with regard to the ins and outs of OVS filings, registrations, bylaw and incorporation papers etc. at the state and federal level.
  3. At our recent board meeting, we came up with a number of ideas that we wish to implement in the next year (September through end of 2017), specifically:
    1. Viola Showcase to showcase instruments and local instrument makers, that might also include performances by soloists, duos, trios, a viola orchestra.  Vendors would pay a table fee to participate, with a small entrance fee.
    2. Adjudicated event for local viola students to receive student scholarships
    3. A “Speed Teaching” event, a mashup of “speed dating” and “master class”, Eight to ten teachers, participants spend 10 minutes with each teacher for instant feedback to each participant from a lot of different well-known viola teachers in the area.  The event might even close with all students performing in a group viola ensemble piece.
    4. Viola Boot Camp, much like the the recent Violin Boot Camp
    5. Viola Music Camp, a two-week camp that would include group etudes, a viola orchestra, private lessons, small ensembles, practice time, workshops…
    6. New Music, an OVS-commissioned new work for a viola orchestra of at least five parts.  Names of local composers suggested were many, including John Newton, Linda Woody, Kenji Bunch, Tim Jensen…

So there you have it–some fun ideas that we ask for your comments, advice, support, and interest.  What might you be interested in taking place right away?  Any volunteers for any of these offerings?  Don’t worry, we’ll call you, if you don’t call us!

Warmest regards, Oregon Viola Society Board:  Dr. Sharon Eng, President; Dorianne Reinheardt Paul, Secretary; Shelley Mathewson, Treasurer; Al Farulo and Steve Price, Members at Large; Mike Shaw, OVS consultant